What We Have Done

As a non-profit organization, we direct our proceeds directly to families with the goal of enhancing their quality of life.  Items such as food, laptops, blanket warmers, video games and cameras have all been given to these children to help ease the pain.  We also take these children bowling, ice skating, and to see professional sports events with hopes to lift their spirits.

Here a just a few ways we have helped many children and their families:

Sporting Events

  • Donated over 90 tickets to the Avalanche games in a suite or lower level for patients, families or staff of Children’s Hospital Oncology department.
  • Provide lower level tickets for Oncology/BMT families to the Nugget’s basketball games.
  • Provide behind the dug-out tickets for Oncology/BMT families to the Colorado Rockies games.
  • Over 100 tickets to the St. Louis Blues hockey games for patients and families in the oncology department of the Children’s Hospital in St. Louis.
  • Pizza parties with the players after the hockey games in St. Louis.
  • Set up meetings for kids in the Oncology/BMT units to meet Colorado Avalanche players while they are in the hospital.
  • Ice skating with the Avalanche players and patients.


  • Provide concert and other special event tickets for patients and families to attend at The PEPSI Center.
  • Provide patients an opportunity to participate in the western Stock Show in Denver, Co.
  • Provide and help set up the annual Bone Marrow Transplant family/Staff picnic each year in Colorado.
  • Help provide funding for PROM for the teens undergoing care in the Oncology/BMT units in Colorado

Other Things Our Organization Has Provided

  • Donated over $15,000 in age appropriate toys, games, crafts, wii systems, wii games, TV’s, x boxes, x box games, DVD’s, CD’s and arts.
    – We have partnered with Zakhem company and Zinc Financial in an annual toy drive each holiday to benefit the children of the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Childrens in Colorado. The extra toys and games are donated to the toy closet. Where kids that have a birthday or hard day may get a toy.
  • Many gift cards for children who have a birthday or hard day 3. Donated Gift cards for families of children who are undergoing bone marrow transplant, so they can buy food for the family while there child is in the hospital.
  • Provide Food bags for families of children undergoing BMT.
  • Paid for a massage therapist for children and parents in the Cancer and Blood disorders department at the Children’s Hospital in Colorado.
  • Donated 6 laptops for the Center for Cancer and Blood disorders department at the Children’s Hospital in Colorado for families to check out.
  • Donated blanket warmers to the Oncology Deparment at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.